Digital Health

Succesful digital health care services at DKV

What impact will digitalisation have on the healthcare market – what changes are we facing? In our video Michael de Beauclair, Head of Customer Services & Claims Health Special, states that there is nearly no networking between the providers so far – what makes it difficult for customers to find the right offers. He is convinced: "With increasing digitalisation we will see developing platforms in the health sector."

With new online services DKV aims to be one of the relevant players in this developing ecosystem. One successful #digitalservice, that is already available, is the "DKV Online Pflegeantrag". This new online application reduces the processing time from four weeks to a few days. This is benchmark in the industry. Melanie Katers, Customer Service & Claims Health Special, explains, what is so special about this service. 

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version dieses Textes: Erfolgreiche digitale Gesundheitsservices bei der DKV

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