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“Process mining has an impact on customer experience”

ERGO and the software company Celonis have entered into a strategic partnership. Until the end of 2025, the two companies want to work together to further optimise process flows and management within the ERGO Group. In an interview held on at the Celosphere Conference in Munich, ERGO CDO Mark Klein explains why process mining increases productivity and customer experience.

ERGO CDO Mark Klein im Interview auf der Celosphere

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Process mining provides transparency about processes

Mark Klein: "Process mining provides transparency about our processes. This allows us to identify which areas we should further digitalise, which we should exclude and where we need to change the process. This helps us to drive digitalisation in the company and strengthen the customer focus in our processes." 

ERGO has identified 28 processes where Celonis will be introduced over the next 18 months. The aim is to optimise a total of 60 to 70 processes to make the business more customer-focused, leaner and simpler.

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On //next we have already described what process mining actually is. Click here for the interview with Victor Thomas, Head of Process Mining at ERGO:

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