Metaverse: These are the providers and coins we should keep an eye on

Networked virtual realities through which you can move as if you were in the real world and in which you can do everything that is also possible in physical reality: This overview article by the financial market specialist BörseGo AG shows which companies and crypto tokens are driving the further development of the internet into a metaverse.

Munich-based BörseGo AG defines the metaverse as follows: "Metaverse is usually understood as the further development of the Internet into a network of 3D worlds in which users can do much of what they can also do in physical reality or what they do today text-based via the Internet. Meeting friends, shopping, working, going to a concert - in the future, all this will also be possible in networked virtual reality."

So this is an exciting trend that not only investors have their eye on - but that should also interest our tech-savvy //next readers. We have therefore already investigated whether it is more than just hype - as well as its possible impact on our industry: the insurance industry

In the article linked below, the editors of Börse Go now present companies that are either pursuing their own metaverse plans - or could profit from the developments in other ways. For example, by offering suitable hardware. The article is written specifically for stock market investors, but we think it gives a good overview also for readers who are more interested in technology than in investing.

Also listed are leading crypto tokens for the metaverse, because decentralised metaverse projects are also emerging in the crypto world as a counter-design to the products of the billion-dollar corporations. Decentraland, for example - a decentralised 3D virtual world consisting of 90,601 parcels of virtual land based on blockchain technology. Virtual properties in Decentraland are NFTs that can be purchased with the crypto token Mana. But read for yourself (in German): 

Text: Ingo Schenk

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