Start-up snoopstar links print and digital

Imprinted paper becomes a digital experience with snoopstar: the Düsseldorf-based start-up uses augmented reality (AR) to enhance the real world with virtual content – the principle is familiar, for example, from games like Pokémon Go. With the AR platform snoopstar, the former gimmick now becomes real added value. Bodo Schiefer, CEO of snoopstar, says: “Augmented reality is becoming a serious sales and marketing channel.”

Bodo Schiefer, CEO of snoopstar

After installing the snoopstar app, the mobile phone camera is simply pointed at a subject – such as a flyer or packaging. The user is immediately immersed in the digital world, where videos start, product information, instructions, offers or competitions appear. Direct links to websites, social media channels, shops or advice hotlines are also possible. In contrast to the QR code, snoopstar offers a whole world of information, inspiration and interaction. Thanks to image recognition, the picture itself comes to life, without any special markers. Alternatively, a so-called “snoopcode” is used, which enables use without an app. In both cases, every click is measurable, so that brand communication in print can be tailored even more precisely to the interests of the target group.

The start-up has already inspired many well-known companies with this idea. Aldi Süd, for example, “snooped” its weekly brochures, Bitburger used the smart extension for its six-packs, Sensodyne for its advertisements and posters, Benefit Cosmetics for its cosmetic products, VW for its financial services. The ERGO Group is also already implementing several projects with snoopstar. First up is the DKV Walking Challenge “Steps for Sustainability”. Posters come to life via AR, provide all the information about the challenge and activate registration and a joint contribution to more sustainability with a tap of the finger. The “Tech Trend Radar”, which presents the most important innovation topics of the year, will also become a multimedia experience in 2022.

Bodo Schiefer, CEO of snoopstar, is very happy about the cooperation: “The ERGO Group has understood that the various possible applications of AR technology are much more than a gimmick. Especially in the age of experiences, we are creating measurable added value for customers and for the companies themselves. Augmented reality is thus becoming a real sales and marketing channel.”

Hanbing Ma, Head of Innovation Scouting at ERGO, says: “The need for innovative digital solutions is great – and so is the need to take our customers and colleagues along with us on this journey in the best possible way. Thanks to snoopstar, we can optimally link printed and digital communication channels and inspire our customers and colleagues.”

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