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In 2021, we published no less than 196 articles on //next – actually twice as many, considering that we publish every text in German and English. Among other things, we have talked about the opportunities that digitalisation offers for our working world, we have philosophised about autonomous vehicles and robo-chauffeurs, we have looked at different areas of implementation of bots and AI, we have dealt with cyberrisks right up to the end (Log4Shell) – and we have looked at many digital ideas around the diagnosis and combating of Covid-19. At this point, we would like to highlight the five most-read texts from the past year. 

#1: Digital vaccination certificate

The article “Covid-19: How does the digital vaccination card work?” reached the first place. Apparently we hit a nerve when we reported on the planned “CovPass” even before the go-live of the app:   



#2: Fraud on the Internet

The second place is taken by the article entitled “Fraud on the internet: These methods are hot right now”, in which Martin Oslizlo, Head of Anti Fraud Management at ERGO, explained to us which fraud methods are hot right now – and how you can protect yourself:


#3: Pharmaceutical printer

Bronze goes to “Medicine straight out of the printer” – an interview with Christian Franken, who this year started up the first pharmaceutical printer in the pharmacy of Heidelberg University Hospital with his start-up Dihesys:


#4: Sustainability and digitalisation

The fourth place goes to the article “Can digitalisation be green?”, in which we examined the question of whether digital solutions have what it takes to reduce global energy demand and thus contribute to climate protection:


#5: Mental load

The fifth place goes to the blogpost “Kanban helps reducing your mental load”. Verena School is married, has a young daughter and works full time as Head of Learning & Training at ERGO. With Kanban, Verena School has found a method to reduce her mental load:


Thank you very much!

We also enjoyed the many guests and experts from the digital scene who shared their thoughts with us in guest articles or interviews. Christoph Bornschein, Sascha Pallenberg, Nakeema Stefflbauer, Thomas Jarzombek and Teemu Arina were among them. At the end of the year, ten digital experts shared their wishes for the digital year 2022 with us:


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