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Our top articles of the year 2022

In the last year, //next has focused on virtual worlds and the metaverse – this was certainly one of the megatrends in 2022. Sustainability was also a central topic that will accompany us through the new year as well: For example, we conducted encouraging interviews with the founders of five green tech start-ups. Last but not least, generative AI, and GPT3 in particular, kept us busy.  In 2022, we published almost 150 articles in German and in English. Here we want to highlight the five most read texts. 

#1: What's behind NFTs

Our introductory article on NFTs – or “Non-fungible Token” – is by far the most popular //next article of 2022:  What is behind digital certificates? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And how important will they be in future wealth accumulation?


#2: The metaverse: Opportunities and challenges for financial service providers and insurance companies

The metaverse presents new opportunities for insurance companies. Among other things, clients and agents could meet up in the metaverse for consultations. But the metaversum also presents totally new risks that need to be covered and will demand new insurance solutions.


#3: Two opinions on the Metaverse

The Metaverse: How realistic is the scenario in truth? And is it a good or a bad thing for us? Technology expert Kathleen Schröter and Johannes Klingebiel, part of the innovation team at the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, share their thoughts on //next.


#4: AI in art: Who is the artist?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long since found its way into art. Machine learning was used to finish Schubert's unfinished symphony. And AI is generating new, exciting images. Artists and scientists argue over questions of creativity and authorship.


#5: Mixed Reality in Surgery

Virtual reality glasses, 3D motion captures inside the body and virtual models of body organs are finding their way into medical treatment. Clinical innovation teams are increasingly experimenting with mixed reality. This article highlights five possible areas of application for mixed reality in the future.


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These were the top 5 articles of the year 2021: 


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